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Obesity A Big Problem Getting Bigger

June 1, 2004
A report on the health risks associated with obesity, the costs of obesity and state mandates for obesity treatment. Also included: information on the cost of providing a bariatric surgery benefit.
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Prescription for a Lawsuit

May 29, 2004
When UP recently instituted a policy of not hiring smokers, it had to carve out exceptions in the 13 states across its route system that have “smokers’ rights” statutes on the books.
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Caesars Betting Onsite Pharmacy Will Yield Savings

May 13, 2004
The company's prescription drug-related costs totaled $32 million last year. VP Gary Earl says that instead of focusing on cutting benefits, the company is opening up a pharmacy at its hotels in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.
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Alternative Practices Haven't Faced the Test

May 4, 2004
The argument for integrating such alternative health services as chiropractic and massage therapy into mainstream coverage is that they will reduce escalating costs by providing cheaper services with better results. But it's unclear whether these treatments can truly reduce costs. Large-scale studies have yet to be conducted.
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