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Health and Wellness

Managing Health Costs Four Case Studies

April 26, 2004
Fall River Group brought down health-care premiums by persuading employees to share in increased co-pays. Highsmith offered financial incentives to employees who participated in wellness programs. Nexen used consumer-driven health care. Union Pacific is addressing smoking.
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More Care, Less Cost

March 1, 2004
Disease management today encompasses treatment of the whole person, with all the challenges and conditions that might be part of her life. Chronic illnesses receive as much attention as illness-prevention services. And get ready for significant savings---an ROI exceeding 4 to 1, according to one study.
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Employers Give Workers Debit Cards to Access Benefit Dollars

November 25, 2003
Companies are giving employees debit cards to access funds for flexible spending accounts, health reimbursement arrangements, transportation reimbursement plans and educational assistance programs. About 350,000 employees currently use debit cards from one vendor, MBI, and that number is expected to increase to more than a million by the first quarter of 2004.
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The Battle Over Benefits

November 6, 2003
The cost of health care is strangling companies, prompting strikes and leaving an increasing number of Americans without any coverage at all. Some companies are coping, but experts fear that a sick system will have to come close to collapse before there is reform.
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