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Dear Workforce What's the Secret to Productive yet Cost-Effective Induction of New Employees for a Globally Dispersed Workforc

September 7, 2011
I have been asked to design an induction program for all new recruits across all our branches (in various states). What makes the most sense: to have all new employees go through induction at our corporate office, or to dispatch someone from our corporate office to travel to the various locations to conduct inductions? New employees frequently join our company, and on varying dates—so how could we devise a cost-effective program?
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Dear Workforce How Do We Sustain Collaboration Between Business Units as Our HR Function Moves to a Different Floor?

July 28, 2011
As part of an expansion, our company plans to shift the human resources and finance departments to different floors, away from the business. We're not changing our HR focus or team structure, but I'm worried we'll lose the tight interaction that HR has with business units. Another concern: If HR becomes a destination, instead of a quick Q&A in the hallway, employees and managers may feel less comfortable approaching us. How do we sustain our collaborative culture during this transition?
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SHRMs 63rd Annual Conference Opens June 26

June 24, 2011
Arianna Huffington is scheduled to speak Monday; Sir Richard Branson, founder and president of Virgin Group, Tony Hsieh, CEO of online shoe and clothing retailer, and actor Michael J. Fox also are set for keynote addresses.
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HR's 10 Top Concerns

May 10, 2011
The Employers Resource Association’s membership of 1,300 companies in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana generates more than 8,000 calls each year to its HR hot line. Most of the questions are considered the staples of HR management.
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