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Serving the Big Boys Too

June 24, 2010
A growing number of corporate giants are upending the thinking that HR applications delivered over the Internet are not flexible or secure enough to serve the big boys.
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SAP Circling SaaS Market

June 24, 2010
The Germany-based business software company is taking a close look at HR software delivered as a service, which refers to companies accessing applications over the Internet and typically paying for them on a subscription basis for a limited time.
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Dear Workforce How Do We Handle Frustrated Job Seekers?

June 15, 2010
Our company is in a geographic region suffering from high unemployment. As a result, our in-house recruiters can't keep pace with the hundreds of résumés from desperate job seekers that we receive each week. Our standard response is that a recruiter will contact people if there is an opportunity to discuss, but that hasn't stopped people from telephoning us in search of more information. And the calls are becoming more frequent and confrontational. How should we handle this? We want to be fair to the people seeking work, but we simply lack the staff to give personal attention to each résumé. At the same time, we are worried about overlooking a potentially promising candidate.
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Dear Workforce What Are the Best Work-at-Home Guidelines

May 18, 2010
Our software company is evaluating the idea of letting some employees work from home. However, we are concerned about cutting down on distractions and making sure they remain productive. We would like to provide some basic work-at-home guidelines to them. What should we include?
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The Last Word Worker 'Deal' Is Off

April 9, 2010
The Towers Watson Global Workforce Study—depending on how you look at it—is either eye-opening news or simply a reconfirmation of what we have all known to be true about employer-employee relations for a long time.
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HR vs. Fear

April 8, 2010
Commentary: Great HR people stand between the employees whose energy and talent drives their companies and the fear-based decision-making that seeks to paint every move as a choice between business and its opposite—call it lack of rigor, wimpiness or sob-sister do-goodism. Great HR people know better. They’re willing to be called non-businesspeople, if that’s what it takes to make the right call.
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