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Why the Best HR Leaders Are Moderate Republicans

March 23, 2010
Commentary: Both Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan could have been great HR pros. Turns out that in order to be a great HR leader, it’s more important to be a moderate than either a Republican or a Democrat. Need proof? Let’s examine the relationship between getting things done in politics and getting things done in HR.
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Dear Workforce Our Open-Plan Workplace Fosters Violations of Confidentiality. How Do We Persuade Management to Take Action?

March 16, 2010
I am in a quandary. I recently joined a Fortune100 financial services company and believe our HR processes are a mess. For instance, HR employees (not in management) share cubicles with some of the employees they support. As a result, confidential conversations often take place within earshot of co-workers. I feel like we in HR are being forced to violate confidentiality, but management seems deaf to the problem. Getting conference rooms is difficult—they are usually booked, and charged back to the department. What advice do you have for how I can continue to provide support to employees and managers while also respecting their privacy?
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The Five Biggest Lies in HR

March 4, 2010
Commentary: You hear them all the time: ‘Work/life balance is HR’s responsibility.’ ‘Our company wants only “A” players.’ And other falsehoods. HR has spawned narratives that make the function seem like a cross between Mother Teresa and Stuart Smalley.
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NLRB Nominee Fails to Assuage Business Community

February 3, 2010
Harold Craig Becker’s nomination to the National Labor Relations Board faces Republican and business opposition. Becker, who is associate general counsel for the Service Employees International Union, told a Senate committee that if he is confirmed, he would comply ‘scrupulously’ with an ethics pledge to recuse himself from SEIU lawsuits for two years.
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Labor's Agenda Set to Move to the Front Burner

December 29, 2009
Once Congress is done wrestling with health care reform, it is expected to turn its attention to the Employee Free Choice Act. And although the act has been dormant for months, organized labor’s priorities are sprouting in Washington in other ways. Here are the labor-relations issues employers need to watch in the new year.
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Prepared for a World of Free Choice

December 29, 2009
While some companies are trying to position themselves to fend off union organizing in the even of the Employee Free Choice Act’s passage, most employers ‘are still in denial about the likelihood of significant pro-union legislation passing,’ one expert says.
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