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Prepared for a World of Free Choice

December 29, 2009
While some companies are trying to position themselves to fend off union organizing in the even of the Employee Free Choice Act’s passage, most employers ‘are still in denial about the likelihood of significant pro-union legislation passing,’ one expert says.
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Behavioral Prescription Q&A With Michael Holmes of Express Scripts

November 11, 2009
In his current role at pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts, Michael Holmes has been able to apply health care savings programs using behavioral economics to its own workforce before rolling them out to clients. Holmes spoke to writer Jessica Marquez about how companies can apply behavioral economics, which looks at the psychological factors of economic decisions, to reduce health care costs and what he hopes to see come out of Congress.
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Xerox to Buy Parent of Buck Consultants for $6.4 Billion

September 28, 2009
Xerox Corp. plans to acquire Affiliated Computer Services Inc., the parent company of Buck Consultants, which provides HR consulting services addressing employee health and wellness, HR technology, and administration and retirement plans.
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