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High Court to Hear Case on Hiring Test Bias

January 12, 2009
The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether a public entity was justified in refusing to certify the results of two fire department promotional exams on grounds that the tests may have had a disparate impact on African-Americans.
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A Benchmark Is Not a Scalpel

November 18, 2008
Commentary: Benchmarking to identify opportunities for headcount reduction in HR is like getting a physical to identify opportunities for a tummy tuck. You don’t need the doctor to tell you where the fat is—that you know already. So if you’re determined to cut, use a surgeon. Just don’t try to convince anyone that you’re improving your health.
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A Real-Time View of a Region's Talent Supply

November 17, 2008
The the Metropolitan Development Association of Syracuse and Central New York is implementing a new Web-based tool that will enable it to provide companies with real-time data on what talent the region has and what talent needs to be developed.
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Express Scripts Receives Extortion Threat

November 10, 2008
The extortionist is threatening to expose millions of records and sent the company a letter that included the names, dates of birth, SocialSecurity numbers and some prescription information for 75 members.
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Wall Street Gyrations Keep Benefits Managers Hopping

October 30, 2008
Benefits management departments in recent weeks have been fielding questions and addressing concerns from employees worried about their 401(k)s and other employer-sponsored investment vehicles as the stock market continues to show signs of instability.
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