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Growing Without an HR Department

January 1, 1998
Rather than build a traditional human resources department, Linda O. Crawford, CEO and president of DELTA Dallas Staffing Companies, used qualified staff in a nontraditional way to handle HR functions. Here she shares her insights.
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Amoco Trains Its HR Team Members To Be Internal Consultants

October 1, 1997
Amoco's HR educators have been work diligently to help the complany's HR people with internal consulting skills. The program involves HR professionals learning about Amoco's general business model, getting specific feedback about their capabilities, understanding HR's role and mission and interacting with their peers and executive managers.
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Still on a Winning Streak

September 1, 1997
Four years after receiving an Optimas Award for managing change, Philadelphia Electric Co. (now PECO Energy) is still creating sparks. This time, HR is restructuring to lower costs and to be more responsive to its employees. A consultant explains how.
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