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HR Services and Administration

Kaiser's HR Services Get a Shot in the Arm

September 1, 1996
After a recent survey, Kaiser Permanente discovered HR was spending $42 million annually to service the needs of 30,000 employees—yet only 31% were satisfied customers. Learn why and how services changed from the vice president of HR.
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Under Fire at the LAPD

April 1, 1996
Perhaps no other police force in the world is as well-known as the Los Angeles Police Department. Amid all the recent turmoil from high-profile cases, one thing is clear. The city's future depends on the LAPD's ability to adopt successful human resources
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Papa John's Rolls Out Hot HR Menu

September 1, 1995
After creating an HR department two years ago, one 10-year-old company standardized its culture, benefits programs and recruitment strategies to gain a competitive edge. Find out what's next on HR's plate at Papa John's.
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Shrinking Pains Cause HR To Redevelop Talents

August 1, 1995
In the panic of a nine-month downsizing and reorganization plan, Pratt & Whitney's HR department underwent a complete overhaul. In the process, HR implemented an assessment-and-development center program to help their HR specialists as they made the transition to become not only HR generalists, but also better business partners.
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