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Ceridian Taken Private; Could Hewitt Be Next

June 13, 2007
Last month’s $5.3 billion buyout of Ceridian Corp. makes the Minneapolis-based company the latest among a number of HRO providers to go private. Rumors have been circulating for months that Hewitt, which has been struggling to revive its HR BPO business, might go private to get away from shareholder scrutiny.
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H-1B Charges, Social Unrest Test India-Based Outsourcers

June 11, 2007
One day it was a political bombshell; the next day, it was a bomb. The fallout over H-1B visas and a terrorist bombing and subsequent riot here in Hyderabad, India, were unrelated, but they illustrate the disruptive potential such incidents can impose on this booming city of 8 million people that leans so heavily on companies outsourcing their work.
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Reducing Costs a Sore Subject at HRO Meeting

May 7, 2007
‘‘Cost savings” seem to have become bad words when it comes to discussing the business drivers of HR outsourcing. That at least appeared to be the case at last month’s HRO World, an industry conference held in New York.
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Hewitt Names Head of HRO

April 20, 2007
Observers have been waiting for Hewitt to appoint a new head of HR outsourcing since Bryan Doyle stepped down from the post in August.
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Large-Market Outsourcing Changing the Expectations of HR

April 12, 2007
For some workforce managers, HR outsourcing brings the opportunity to become more involved in the business. For others, it could mean they will be charged with overseeing relationships with HRO providers. But one thing is certain: The corporate culture should guide companies as they prepare these individuals for their new role.
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