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The Rise of the Returnees

February 1, 2005
As companies send many of their operations offshore, they are increasingly asking employees born in other countries--but educated and trained in the United States--to return home to work. For example, some multinational companies are relocating Chinese-born employees to Beijing and beyond as a way to tap into that nation’s emerging markets and to be closer to clients, suppliers and customers.
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Dear Workforce What Are the Early Returns on BPO Deals

November 12, 2004
It’s been a few years since some of the big early business process outsourcing deals were struck (e.g., Exult and Bank of America). What’s the early feedback on whether these deals have met/exceeded/underperformed expectations?
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10 Questions to Ask Before Outsourcing

May 29, 2004
Find out some of the most common problems that come along with outsourcing, particularly with technology initiatives. These problems include the lack of an escape clause; too little preparation for cultural issues, such as unhappy employees and managers; and a failure to first figure out whether the outsourcing effort will really provide a return on investment.
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