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Cut Away Noncore HR

January 1, 1998
When the outsourcing megatrend hit the business world a few years ago, HR professionals feared their jobs were finished. Now they view outsourcing as a good way to shave off noncore HR activities and keep what's strategic.
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PEOs Make HR Easier With Staff Leasing

December 1, 1996
Smaller companies usually choke on high employment costs. But many small- to medium-size firms now outsource many types of HR services to professional employer organizations (PEOs)-from payroll and benefits to the drastic move of outsourcing HR administration for their entire workforce. It may be just the solution your company is looking for.
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Are You Throwing Money Away by Outsourcing

November 1, 1996
For years, HR managers have relied on service bureaus for payroll and HRMS functions. Now many are trading in their dependence for more flexibility and lower costs. Learn why from someone who has worked on both sides of the fence.
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Why HR Is Turning to Outsourcing

September 1, 1993
Companies have long contracted with outside firms to perform various services. Now HR is reaping the benefits of outsourcing many functions, from the mundane to the strategic. In the process, many HR professionals are saving money and time while improving
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