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10th Circuit Overturns ADA Bias Ruling

October 17, 2008
The October 15 ruling in Wyoming District Court held that the employer discriminated against Ireane Kellogg, a safety technician, in violation of the ADA when it fired her after she was diagnosed with epilepsy.
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Wellness Programs Growing Worldwide, Survey Shows

October 14, 2008
The fastest-growing components of wellness programs include technology-driven tools such as Web portals, online healthy-lifestyle programs and personal health records, according to ‘Working Well: A Global Survey of Wealth Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies.’
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Debit Cards Advance Cash for Health Bills

October 8, 2008
Financial investment firm Edward Jones helps employees pay unexpected medical bills by advancing cash interest-free from future paychecks. The plan helps calm employees’ fears of not being able to pay for high deductibles.
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IRS Clarifies Rules for Reservist FSA Distributions

October 3, 2008
The law, the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act, allows employers to amend their FSA programs to let reservists called up for at least six months of active duty take FSA funds as taxable distributions instead of forfeiting balances.
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