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Auto-Annuity Could Stretch 401(k) Savings

August 12, 2008
A Washington-based think tank published a paper proposing a way that companies could automatically enroll a portion of retiring employees’ 401(k) assets into a lifetime income option that would provide them with monthly payments.
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Treasury, IRS Pension Plan Liability Buyouts Illegal

August 7, 2008
However, the Treasury outlined a series of proposed guidelines developed with the Labor and Commerce departments as well as the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. for any federal legislation that would clear the way for buyouts of frozen plans.
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Panel OKs Heath Coverage Extension for Ill Students

July 21, 2008
The legislation is modeled after a New Hampshire law known as Michelle’s Law, which was named for Michelle Morse, a college student who continued her studies while battling cancer so that she could maintain health insurance coverage.
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RPOs Growth Continues Despite Shaky History

July 18, 2008
The growth of recruitment process outsourcing has been and is projected to be on a growth track for the next several years; however, there are ongoing concerns with the quality of some companies.
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