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Policies and Procedures

Sample Policy for Internal Selection

October 21, 2004
An organization that tries to fill available positions from within should define the scope of the internal hiring policy and hold managers responsible for identifying staffing needs.
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Dear Workforce How to Prepare Employees to Safeguard Company Secrets

October 14, 2004
We provide outsourced technical resources and often work on projects with other companies—which sometimes are competitors. My employees are at times uncomfortable with the situation: what to say, what not to say, and how to get the work done to the satisfaction of the client without jeopardizing our niche or competitive edge. How can I prepare them for these situations?
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The Life Cycle of a Twofer

May 28, 2004
It's all too easy for an internal investigation into harassment or discrimination to become an opportunity for retaliation. And voila--two legal claims instead of one.
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