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Dear Workforce How Do We Gauge Our Employee Culture After a Merger?

May 31, 2011
We are planning to launch engagement surveys to our full-time employee population. We have purchased a few smaller companies in recent years and would like to ask a different set of questions to employees who have become part of our company as a result. Specifically, we wish to gauge how the acquisition was handled by our company, as well as the transition to being considered part of the parent company. Our motivation is to pinpoint areas of concern to the newly integrated employees, and to avoid repeating certain behaviors in future acquisitions. What are some suggested questions to use that would give us this kind of insight? —Building (or Repairing) Bridges, human resources adviser, marketing, Dallas
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Should We Worry That a Manager Pals Around With HR Staff?

April 6, 2011
We have a manager with considerable authority who regularly pals around with a member of my human resources staff. It is common knowledge that they are good friends. I would like to find out what this situation could possibly do in terms of employee perception and effective management. I don't have any evidence that there have been any compromises, but should I, as HR supervisor, be worried about possible leaks of confidential data and possible negative employee perception? How should I handle this delicate situation—if it needs to be handled at all?
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Dear Workforce What Can We Do to Make Our Managers Better at Hiring?

October 18, 2010
How can our public-sector organization help its non-HR managers improve their hiring skills? They are often asked to handle personnel-related issues, such as determining whether candidates have the competencies necessary to perform the job. However, most have little (if any) formal training on how to do this. And our organization does not have a centralized approach or expertise in delivering this type of training.
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