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Discrimination and EEOC Compliance

Sex-Bias Claim Against WellPoint Can Proceed

March 31, 2009
A WellPoint employee with four children who was told she did not get a promotion because there was ‘a lot on your plate’ can pursue a sex discrimination claim against her employer, a federal appeals court has ruled.
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Restaurant Workers Group to Unveil Bias Study

March 27, 2009
On Tuesday, March 31, the group will announce the findings of a report titled ‘Discrimination in Manhattan’s Top Restaurants Deny People of Color and Women Equal Access to Employment Opportunities.’
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Protecting Yourself in the Performance Review Process

March 22, 2009
Now, more than ever, managers need to take great care in preparing performance reviews, documenting decisions and maintaining records. Failing to take the performance-management process seriously could create a significant risk of liability for the employer. Here are some steps HR should take to train managers in how to conduct performance reviews and impress upon them the importance of the process.
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What You Need to Know About Lawful Waivers of Age Discrimination Claims

March 3, 2009
To have a valid release of claims under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, employers must comply with several technical requirements. Courts consistently have stated that these requirements are ‘strict and unqualified,’ and if an employer fails to meet any of the statutory requirements, the waiver is ‘ineffective as a matter of law.’ Here is an outline of what companies must do to comply.
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