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Discrimination and EEOC Compliance

Merit Pay Produces Pay Discrimination

November 5, 2008
A new and particularly compelling study indicates that even when women and minorities receive the same starting salaries and performance ratings for doing the same job under the same supervisor, their merit increases are smaller than those awarded to their white male counterparts.
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TOOL Disability Information for Employees

October 29, 2008
Many people give little thought to the possibility of an accident—and disability—happening to them. But millions of people in the U.S. are receiving Social Security disability benefits—many of them younger than 50.
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10th Circuit Overturns ADA Bias Ruling

October 17, 2008
The October 15 ruling in Wyoming District Court held that the employer discriminated against Ireane Kellogg, a safety technician, in violation of the ADA when it fired her after she was diagnosed with epilepsy.
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A New Breed of Ageism

October 10, 2008
Generational stereotyping can cause more problems than it solves because offering the wrong motivators to individuals sends a message that you don’t understand their needs and goals.
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Overcoming Isms in Your Workplace

October 3, 2008
Commentary: What I have seen—and what I’ve lived—tells me that many people in our culture face hardships in their lives and workplaces not because they lack talents and skills, but because others don’t make the effort to really see them or allow them to succeed. When others define you by your slanted eyes, it limits your potential. But it limits their potential too, and that’s the message I bring to businesses. In organizations overrun by racism, sexism and other rampant ‘isms,’ everyone loses.
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