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Discrimination and EEOC Compliance

Bias Bill Raises Concern About Gender Identity

September 27, 2007
Employment lawyers say the measure would allow employees to declare a change in their gender identity at will--without giving the employer advance notice to prepare for such a change in the workplace.
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High Court Set To Take Up Pair Of Age Bias Cases

September 27, 2007
As the justices convene October 1 for a new session, one of the employment law matters on the docket provides another opportunity for the bench to wrestle with workplace discrimination—this time age bias—in an era in which mistreatment is more often subtle than blatant.
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Temp Lawyers Offering a Permanent Solution

September 12, 2007
High representation in contingent work may be indicative of a broader trend in which African-American lawyers, for various reasons, are opting to work for temporary staffing agencies instead of at law firms. Lack of opportunity could be a factor.
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Bias Study Sees Few Gains for Female Leaders

August 21, 2007
Female business leaders remain plagued by gender stereotyping, according to a new report.According to the study, men are still viewed as "default leaders," while women are viewed as "atypical leaders," with the perception that they violate accepted norms of leadership.
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Avoiding Age Discrimination Claims in Hiring

August 13, 2007
Employers must prepare for more age discrimination claims arising from the hiring process as the labor pool ages and courts reject traditional legal defenses. Shifts in demographic trends and judicial reasoning have combined to set the stage for a rapid rise in the risks posed by unsuccessful job candidates who fall within the protected class of workers age 40 and older under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
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Nike Settles Racial-Bias Class Action

August 3, 2007
The company also agrees to several other measures, including a court-appointed diversity consultant to monitor and periodically report to the court and the appointment of a compliance officer at Nike’s headquarters.
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