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Discrimination and EEOC Compliance

Wal-Mart's Man With a Mission

March 3, 2005
Lawrence V. Jackson, Wal-Mart’s new chief human resources officer, has been both a friend to workers and a tough-minded management honcho. He’ll need both sets of skills as he steps into a leadership role at a company facing class-action lawsuits, unionization battles and huge worldwide growth.
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When Women Rise

September 7, 2004
Cigna's $2 million annual commitment to recruiting and developing executive women is based on business strategy, not political correctness. It's an approach supported by research that says companies with the highest representation of women have better financial performance.
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The Plus Factor

July 26, 2004
A Supreme Court decision on diversity in educational settings is prompting companies to reconsider how they weigh diversity in their hiring decisions.
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