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Discrimination and EEOC Compliance

What to Do When an HR Employee Sues

July 26, 2007
When an HR staffer alleges employment discrimination, it’s automatically a different kind of claim. Here’s how to proceed when the claimant is someone who is likely to know damaging, embarrassing or unflattering information about the company—and might be willing to use it to bolster a case. It’s not all bad news, however. Sometimes it’s easier to deal with an HR claimant.
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Will the Obese Be Penalized by Insurers Like Smokers

July 9, 2007
A small but growing number of employers charge smokers more for their health care than they do for nonsmokers. But as evidence continues to link unhealthy lifestyle choices to health care costs and lost productivity, another question arises: Are obese workers next?
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The Letter of the Law

June 28, 2007
Everyone wondered if the new Supreme Court would be pro-employer or pro-employee. But as it turns out, ‘strict constructionism’ is the court’s point north.
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Gay Execs Urged to Come Out

June 4, 2007
Executives disclosing their sexual orientation would improve their companies’ reputations in an era when transparency is increasingly valued. But some observers say the downfall of BP’s chief indicates there’s still pressure to stay in the closet.
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Tool Employer Pay Equity Self-Audit

May 18, 2007
Business and Professional Women/USA, an advocacy organization for working women, adapted this audit from a Department of Labor document to help employers gauge whether they are paying men and women employees equally. The organization notes that discrepancies can lead to costly lawsuits.
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