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Discrimination and EEOC Compliance

People Problems on Every Aisle

January 30, 2004
The world's largest retailer is beset by allegations of discrimination, overtime-law violations and turnover that is "spiraling in the wrong direction," to the tune of some 600,000 employees a year. For a company that practices what could be called HR lite, it might be time for a change.
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Guerrillas in Your Midst

January 5, 2004
Like a fighter hidden in the foliage, "guerrilla bias" is concealed by good intentions. The behavior is manifested in ways such as reluctance to coach a female employee for fear of hurting her feelings, or excessive accommodation for cultural differences such as varying standards of punctuality. There are many examples of the bias interfering with effectiveness in the workplace.
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When Men Take Paternity Leave, True Equality Begins

December 16, 2003
Employers think of paternity leave as a cost, with no return on investment for the corporation. KPMG tried it and found quite the opposite. Guest columnist Julie Shields discusses why paternity leave should not be overlooked as a benefit for both employers and employees.
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The Reverse-Discrimination Trap

May 29, 2003
These claims are often the result of an employer trying to do the right thing: hire more women or people of color. But that's often when white males think they're getting a raw deal.
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