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Labor Relations

What Will the Writers Win

February 12, 2008
The Writers Guild of America has settled on a deal for a new contract that would end the three-month-long writers strike. But what did the writers win in the settlement?
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Hotel Union Targets Trump Tower in Chicago

January 29, 2008
Whether the dispute erupts into a major showdown or ends quickly, it could be a sign of things to come as developers add thousands of hotel rooms to the downtown market during the next few years.
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The First 21st Century Strike

January 14, 2008
To those who look for trends in labor relations, the Writers Guild of America strike may provide some insights into the future of union activities in the U.S., particularly among workers outside traditional strongholds like manufacturing, service industries and government.
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NYC Damage Mounting in Writers Strike

January 11, 2008
The shutdown has left thousands of the area’s 78,000 production workers unemployed and many of the 4,000 film-related businesses, like prop houses and caterers, struggling to stay afloat amid their worst crisis in more than a decade.
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