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Labor Relations

Chrysler Cuts May Ease Talks With UAW

March 1, 2007
Announcement of major layoffs could make workers hesitant to strike in upcoming negotiations. Experts predict that by timing its announcement as it did, just months before the Big Three automakers enter contract negotiations, DaimlerChrysler might make the talks easier on itself.
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Can Dems Work With Business

February 27, 2007
Democrats on Capitol Hill and the corporate community extended hands of friendship to one another as the new Congress took office. But whether that relationship grows or founders may depend in large part on how workplace issues unfold during the next few months.
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A Call for More Shareholder Say in Executive Pay

January 4, 2007
Rep. Barney Frank decries Home Depot CEO’s $210 million exit package and cites the need for executive-pay reform. He also calls for a deal between Democrats and the business community that would offer expanded worker protection in exchange for such measures as immigration reform and the easing of rules on foreign direct investment.
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