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Labor Relations

Labor Pains

January 13, 2005
In this opinion column, the editors of the magazine The New Republic argue that the National Labor Relations Board is taking business’ side so much that it’s eroding workers’ ability to organize.
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Back From The Brink

December 3, 2004
American Airlines is still experiencing financialturbulence, but the world’s biggest airline hasmanaged something amazing. It has recovered from unwise--even stupid--management decisions to win over workers and get them to buy into a more cooperative relationship that has saved millions. "The only way to build trust professionally or personally is by being trustworthy," CEO Gerard Arpey says. "I hope I’m living up to that standard."
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A High-Stakes Union Fight Who Will Fold First

January 5, 2004
As businesspeople, unionists and politicians watch closely, Cintas, a proud company with a long history, and UNITE, heading up a resurgent union coalition, are locked in a ferocious battle. Many of their principles and tactics are old-fashioned. Others are as up-to-date as a smart bomb.
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