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Labor Relations

Part-Time Work is Not the Problem

November 1, 1998
The nature of work is changing, and with it the traditional definition of jobs. We do nobody any favors by continuing to pretend that some variation of traditional reward structures will keep working. They won’t.
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Part-Timers Make Headline News Here's the Real HR Story

November 1, 1997
In August, United Parcel Service (UPS) faced a strike over part-time work and benefits that captured national attention. While UPS (which was doing a lot of things right) wraps up a final agreement with the Teamsters, all HR professionals should take a close look at their contingent worker strategies.
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Mandating Mandatory Arbitration

July 1, 1997
Thanks to a recent Court of Appeals ruling, someday HR may not have to worry as much about how to handle lawsuits. The Court has ruled that employers may require new hires to waive all rights to a trial by jury.
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