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Safety and Workplace Violence

Creating a Culture of Safety

May 1, 2007
A report on disaster at BP's Texas City, Texas, oil refinery underscores the importance of thinking beyond the basics in fostering a safe work environment.
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Senator Introduces Workplace Violence Plan

April 17, 2007
The Survivors’ Empowerment and Economic Security Act would allow 30 days of leave for victims of domestic violence in the workplace so that they can appear in court, seek legal assistance and secure their homes and families.
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When an Employee Is Listed as a Sex Offender

March 21, 2007
Many Web surfers are keenly aware of the information available from states’ online databases, and when they discover that one of their co-workers is a registered sex offender, they take action. The tricky question for the employer is, what action should it take?
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Employers Often Fail to Protect Young Workers

November 8, 2006
Capitol Hill isn’t the only place in the U.S. where problems occur when teenage workers mix with adults who take advantage of age and power to sexually harass them. Many employers are in similar situations.
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