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Safety and Workplace Violence

Employers Often Fail to Protect Young Workers

November 8, 2006
Capitol Hill isn’t the only place in the U.S. where problems occur when teenage workers mix with adults who take advantage of age and power to sexually harass them. Many employers are in similar situations.
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Dear Workforce We Have a Longtime Employee with a History of Belligerence. Is It Too Late to Reverse His Behavior

December 17, 2004
As a new employee with human resources duties incorporated into my finance duties, I am uncertain how to address a long-known situation that has not been handled. An employee of 20 years has a history of being belligerent. In one instance last week, he stated to another member of the management team and to me that he "did not want to have to get into someone’s face in a minute." After that, he stormed out of the office. Most disturbing, the other team member responded that "we’re hoping he retires" soon. I’ve worked for the company for a few months and feel uncomfortable that someone can make threats, while management simply hopes to ride out the time until the employee’s retirement. What’s the best way of addressing this tense situation?
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