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Safety and Workplace Violence

Have Gangs Invaded Your Workplace

February 1, 1996
No industry or company is exempt from the newest wave of gangsters who've been penetrating Corporate America undetected. Personnel Journal brings you startling information on how this criminal activity can threaten your company and your work force-and about what you can do to protect your corporate assets.
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Talking Frankly About Domestic Violence

April 1, 1995
Domestic violence traditionally has been a taboo topic, one not discussed or addressed in the workplace. But it is a workplace issue, affecting productivity, health-care costs and even violence on the job. Some companies, such as Polaroid and Marshalls, therefore, are taking steps to fight it.
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Deflecting Workplace Violence

October 1, 1994
In February 1992, Personnel Journal reported on HR's role in dealing with the aftermath of murder on the job-a phenomenon on the rise. Since that time, murder and other violent crimes have escalated in the workplace to the point that the U.S. Justice Department recently proclaimed the workplace the most dangerous place to be. As a result, today's HR must be proactive with prevention.
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