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Safety and Workplace Violence

OSHA Steps Up Safety Inspections in South

August 17, 2012
Beginning August 20, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will increase the number of unannounced inspections it performs at worksites in Region 4, which encompasses eight southern states east of the Mississippi River.
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Tests for Taxicab Drivers

March 2, 2012
In the May/June 1926 edition of The Personnel Journal, David Wechsler wrote about research on safety for taxi drivers. Using what by today's standards would be considered a crude testing device, researchers used the apparatus to test drivers' reflexes to determine whether they were driving safely and whether they were likely to cause an accident. Read the rest of Wechsler's article here.
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Waste Companies, Workers Adapting to Phone Ban

January 23, 2012
Trash collectors around the country are getting used to stringent federal rules that severely restrict the use of cell phones while they are behind the wheel. New regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration made it illegal for drivers of all commercial motor vehicles to operate their vehicles while talking on the phone – with a few exceptions.
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