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Taleo's Next Version Public Company

June 29, 2005
Initial public offerings may stir memories of the late 1990s, when it seemed like anyone with an idea, a Web site and a generous helping of other people's money could take a company public-and watch it all disappear just as easily. But Taleo, which originated in Canada five years ago as a company called Recruitsoft, is no dot-com pipe dream. With a new CEO and CFO now in place, Taleo is poised for an initial public offering and expansion.
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Fostering a Loyal Workforce at Trader Joe's

June 2, 2005
A look at the corporate culture, compensation practices and management style at the specialty grocery chain. According to this excerpt from a new book about Trader Joe's, "you've got all the ingredients of world-class labor practices that don't go unappreciated by employees or unnoticed by customers."
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