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Going to Ground

December 6, 2004
The success of FedEx Ground has intrigued analysts and workplace trend watchers. They see the use of contract drivers by FedEx Ground, a division of FedEx Corp., as a way for the company to cut costs and use that competitive edge to win market share from rival UPS. Critics, meanwhile, wonder if the contractor model is a formula for long-term success or simply a cost cutting gimmick that provides a short-term advantage that can spur immediate and rapid growth but can’t sustain it. The independent-contractor method also raises questions about the role of corporations in protecting workers by contributing to health insurance, pensions, unemployment insurance and all the other elements of the safety net on which many American workers rely.
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Retention Gurus Say Their Business Case Is Stronger Than Ever

October 21, 2004
Bill Catlette and Richard Hadden have argued that during the 1980s and 1990s, the companies with the best retention practices outperformed the Dow, the NASDAQ and the S&P 500. In a new interview, the two discuss what’s happened to star performers such as Chick-fil-A; how companies confuse recruiting and retention; and a tech giant that is serious about training, even in a down economy.
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Making It Harder to Leave PeopleSoft

October 7, 2004
PeopleSoft has been facing the mother of all retention challenges. Oracle’s hostile takeover attempt has sparked rumors that more than half of PeopleSoft’s employees could be laid off. With many employees thinking this is a good time to look for a job, PeopleSoft is fighting back with a multi-pronged retention plan. Find out what it’s doing to hold on to its employees.
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