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Double Vision

October 1, 2004
Bush says the market is improving. Kerry says it's troubled. The candidates offer similarly contrasting proposals for job creation. Get a rundown of the candidates’ positions on four job-related issues: 1.) Tax policies that would increase employment2.) Education and skills training3.) Partnerships with employers 4.) Offshoring The two candidates have different opinions on many labor and tax issues, though both generally support free-trade policies.
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When Women Rise

September 7, 2004
Cigna's $2 million annual commitment to recruiting and developing executive women is based on business strategy, not political correctness. It's an approach supported by research that says companies with the highest representation of women have better financial performance.
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Shopper's Special

September 3, 2004
Analysts who study Trader Joe's, a quirky specialty grocery chain, attribute its success to its ability to make money by saving money. It uses private labels instead of brand names, deals directly with producers to cut out middlemen, rents cheap real estate for its stores and keeps the square footage small. Another secret to Trader Joe's success is its helpful employees. They know how to move groceries, which boosts store margins.
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A Fallout Shelter

August 3, 2004
An overview of how Aramark Refreshment Services ensures that new hires show up on the first day of work. Says VP Tony Petrucci: “We have to counter the counteroffers, make them feel like they’re a part of the family before they start, and work to overcome the emotions that come with changing jobs.”
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Hilton Tries to Clone the Model Employee

August 2, 2004
Hilton has been trying to achieve good customer service through the use of assessment, training and rewards programs. The result: the chain is perched atop the American Customer Satisfaction Index for lodging, generates a high amount of revenue per available room, and has received several positive recommendations by stock analysts.
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Temps at the Top

July 30, 2004
While still considered a niche industry, interim-executive staffing is becoming increasingly common for companies seeking new tools to spur change and to achieve rapid results. Top-level temporary CEOs, CFOs and CIOs can cost as much as $77,000 a month, but experts say the experience and ability that companies receive for the money can save them millions in the long run. The right interim hire can sometimes make the difference in a company's surviving a crisis period intact.
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