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Hospital President Sparks Groundbreaking Recruiting Campaign

May 2, 2003
St. Bernardine Medical Center president Steven Barron asked for 100 new nurses to be hired in 100 days, a steep goal considering the nationwide nursing shortage. Human resources, marketing, and the head of nursing put their heads together and decided--for the first time--that rather than hand off the task to recruiting, the three would work as a team. The result was a slick ad campaign that went far beyond targeting would-be nurses: it re-branded the hospital and gave it a charismatic new image.
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Cisco's Homegrown Gamble

February 27, 2003
The company that believed buying talent was the key to success now relies on developing the employees it already has. Not everyone is convinced the strategy will keep Cisco Systems on top.
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Unite or Die

January 30, 2003
If bankrupt United Airlines is going to survive, CEO Glenn F. Tilton will have to gain the trust of a badly divided workforce and find ways to get them to work together more efficiently. It's not mission impossible: Continental emerged from two bankruptcies and is prospering.
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Loyalty May Become Cool Again

December 30, 2002
The idea of employees spending their entire careers at a single company was mostly derided in the 1990s as an out-of-date concept from a paternalistic corporate past. But with baby boomers nearing retirement and company knowledge more important than ever, long-term employees will become valuable once again.
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