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Cracking the Ex-Files

September 2, 2003
Conventional wisdom says that former employers won't give references. But, as with so many things, the conventional wisdom is wrong. The techniques for getting the straight story on a job candidate include offering a 1-to-10 scale, expecting cooperation and even faxing over a copy of states' laws that hold employers blameless if the information they share is truthful and without malice. Plus: Steps for fine-tuning the vetting of a job applicant's past.
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There's a New Sheriff in Town

August 7, 2003
The combined city-county of Jacksonville, Florida, has a new sheriff. He’ll be doing some “tough recruiting,” and his new chief of human resources hopes to make major changes to the workforce-management culture.
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Big, Fast and Easily Bungled

July 31, 2003
Virtually overnight, the Transportation Security Administration had to hire more than 55,000 workers. Its problems with mishires and layoffs illustrate the issues inherent in fast large-scale hires.
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