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August 24, 1999
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The encyclopedia defines a trade show, or exposition, as "an organized public display of industrial and artistic productions, designed usually to promote trade and to reflect cultural progress." 1

People attend trade shows for many different reasons: to learn about new trends in their field, to attend seminars taught by industry leaders and to view new products and services that could save money and enhance their company's performance.

Often times the exposition hall at a trade show can have the feel of a circus or flea market and we at Workforce understand how confusing it can be to find exactly what you may be looking for on that exposition floor. That's why we've assembled an online list of top vendors who will be at your show. You can browse through their profile, see what products they have available and even print up a valuable coupon for special show offers!

Be prepared when you attend your next trade show—select the convention you will be attending from the list to the right.


1 The Columbia Encyclopedia, Fifth Edition Copyright ©1993, Columbia University Press. Licensed from Inso Corporation. All rights reserved.

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