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Training Needs Analysis Report

March 5, 2003
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Sample Training Needs Analysis Report

Training Subject(s)

How to operate the new product pricing system from a PC

Content Information Sources

The company from which the system was purchased

Managers of the product-pricing department

Information-processing technicians

Importance of the Training

Will reduce individual order pricing by 10 percent and increase orderprocessing and invoicing speed by 30 percent, for annual company savings of$220,000.

Urgency of the Training

New system to be delivered May 12 and available for training June 12; will goonline August 12. All order processing employees must be trained by August 12.

Current Training Population

47 order processors

6 order-processing supervisors

2 order-processing managers

3 information systems technicians

Potential Training Population

Based on turnover and projected sales, the following employees will be addedeach year for the next five years. All require training.

7 order processors

1 order-processing supervisor

1 order-processing manager

1 information systems technician

Frequency of Training

After initial training of current employees, all newly hired employees willhave to be trained before reporting to order-processing assignments. Due tosmall numbers of future trainees, consideration should be given to an initialgroup training course for current employees and a self-study version for latertraining.

Subject Review and Update

Subject should be surveyed annually and in-depth every two years. Also,procedures should be established to communicate any systems changes to thetraining department.

Required Results of the Training

Order processors can price products via their PCs at a rate of fifty perhour, with no more than a 2 percent error rate.

Excerpted from How to Identify Your Organization’s Training Needs: APractical Guide to Needs Analysis by John H. McConnell. Copyright Ó 2003 JohnH. McConnell. Published by AMACOM Books, a division of American ManagementAssociation, New York, NY. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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