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Uses of Personality Tests Go Beyond Just Screening

June 2, 2000
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Using personality assessments for career development, training and team-building is less controversial than for pre-employment screening and provides insight and understanding as to commonalities, differences, and communication styles within groups.

Outplacement and job search consultants frequently use this type of assessment tool as a starting point for career direction. On-site corporate employment centers have successfully implemented self-service personality and aptitude testing as a resource to increase retention of employees who want to advance or change careers.

HR professionals who do not want to implement testing can still take advantage of available research, test products and approaches to learn more about personalities and the effects of different tendencies and styles in the workforce.

Incorporating questions in the interview process which tend to draw out the personality, behaviors and traits of an applicant in relation to a job match, while not scientific or validated, may be an improvement over interview techniques which focus exclusively on background and experience.


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