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Visualizing Your Preferred Future

January 26, 2000
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To be truly effective decision-makers, we must first have a clear mental picture of what our preferred future looks like. Here are some possible strategies:

  • Ask the experts. Go to people who are doing what you want to do and come prepared with questions on how they got where they are. Learn the "price" that will need to be paid to achieve your preferred future.
  • Learn to say no. Saying no to less important projects means saying yes to focused goals.
  • Make sure your schedule meets your goals and objectives. Keep a log for a week and see where the time is going.
  • Define your passion in a larger purpose. When your passion is not just "me-centered" and has a larger positive impact on others around us, it’s possible to motivate many people to take action.
  • Get others involved with your dream. When we include others in our dream we do two things. We "set ourselves up," putting our integrity on the line to achieve what we set out to do, and we "open ourselves up," so that others who know our goals may begin to consciously recognize opportunities for us and refer us.
  • Make sure your organization provides an outlet for your passion. Strive to create a workplace where meaningful and challenging work is created. Take the initiative to make it happen.

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