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What are the Competencies Needed for Next-Generation HR Professionals

You'll have to know how sales and marketing relate to manufacturing.

September 18, 2003
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Wayne Broadbank, clinical professor of business at the University ofMichigan, Ann Arbor, has been studying HR competencies for the past 15 years.Over the course of his research, more than 27,000 HR professionals and theirline management associates have participated.

    Broadbank’s most recent research, conducted last year (2002), revealed thatHR professionals in high-performing firms demonstrate the followingcompetencies:

  1. Strategic contribution: HR professionals in high-performing companies manageculture, facilitate "fast change," are involved in strategicdecision-making, and create market-driven connectivity.

  2. Personal credibility: These HR professionals are credible to both their HRcounterparts and the business line managers whom they serve. They also haveeffective writing and verbal skills.

  3. HR delivery: Strategic HR people focus traditional HR activities in four keyareas: staffing, development, performance management, and managing and measuringthe impact of global HR practices.

  4. Business knowledge: The most important areas of business knowledge for an HRprofessional include a keen understanding of how the firm creates wealth, howthe firm is horizontally integrated (e.g., how sales and marketing relate tomanufacturing), and what the industry challenges are.

  5. Knowledge of HR technology: HR professionals must be able to leverage technology for HR practices and use e-HR/Web-based channels to deliver value to customers.

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