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What to Consider When Moving to Web-Based Training

December 28, 2000
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If you’re thinking about moving someor all of your company’s required training online, consider the following,says Kenneth Neal, e-learning solutions practice leader with KPMG Consulting inNew York:

  • Not everything is appropriate for Web-based training. For example, if you’re teaching employees how to work effectively within a team or how to make presentations, you can teach the philosophy around those areas through examples and business simulations. “But the reality is, if it’s a course about making presentations, the next day you need to have an instructor-led class where employees actually give presentations to the class,” says Neal.

  • With Web-based training, the structure should be three-step: show me, let me practice, and watch me do it. “There should be quizzes throughout a good course. Then there’s the tactile portion, where you can perform business simulation or work through case studies, where you get a chance to practice what you’ve learned. Finally, there should be exams,” says Neal.

  • Find the course curriculum that suits each employee’s career path, don’t just offer 200 courses on a Web site. “This isn’t knowledge for knowledge’s sake, it’s training,” he says. “You want to design a curriculum for the employees so they can see a goal at the end.”

  • In implementing e-learning solutions for KPMG’s clients, Neal has found that the biggest concerns are centered around privacy. “Ninety percent of those issues are communication-based. Employees are worried that Big Brother is looking over their shoulder. Who is going to see their quiz scores? What does a low score mean? It’s all fear and uncertainty,” he says. “But if you answer your employees’ questions about it, at the end of the day you’ll have the buy-in you need from them.”

Workforce, January 2001, Vol80, No 1, p. 38  SubscribeNow!

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