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Who Are HR's Customers

June 1, 1997
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Human resources has a market to serve. And very often managers are effective only if you're able to "sell" HR services to your customers. In today's business world, your CEO should become your No. 1 customer. But you still have others to serve as well. Mike Deblieux, president of Mike Deblieux Human Resources in Tustin, California, offers these categories to help you tailor your services appropriately.

Managers look to human resources for sound business advice on how to review, analyze and address people issues. They expect [the department's] services to be timely and accurate.

Supervisors expect human resources to be available on an as-needed basis to help solve people issues. They expect, and frequently demand, help interpreting company policies, expediting personnel matters and preparing or completing paperwork. Most importantly, supervisors expect to learn from their interactions with human resources in order for them to return to their work unit and handle personnel matters.

Associates look to human resources to provide, explain or confirm information about company policies and procedures. They expect human resources to be an empathetic ear to their concerns and to help them solve work-related problems. They expect human resources to anticipate problems and to provide sound recommendations to management.

To the applicant, human resources is the company. Applicants expect accurate information about employment opportunities, fair consideration of their qualifications and courteous treatment.

State and federal agencies
Employers must follow a variety of human resources-related laws and regulations. If human resources provides accurate, timely information, your company benefits directly by reducing the amount of time and energy that must be invested in dealing with bureaucratic requirements.

SOURCE: Mike Deblieux, president of Mike Debilieux Human Resources in Tustin, CA

Workforce, June 1997, Vol. 76, No. 6, p. 65.

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