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Why the New Breed of HR Decision Maker Reads Workforce

Workforce focuses on making businesses better through HR.

May 8, 1999
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The new breed of HR decision maker chooses to read Workforce because the editorial content is focused on how HR management can make the business better.

When HR plays an integral role in the success of a business, then the HR decision maker is a key player in the organization -- one that has the ear of the CEO.

Those companies which value HR as a strategic partner attract the new breed of HR professionals -- the experienced, risk-taking visionaries who find HR solutions for business problems.

The new breed uses the ideas in Workforce to enhance the role of HR.

The new breed of HR decision makers play a vital role in the company and are, therefore, valued and rewarded. That's why they continually turn to Workforce for ideas and solutions for solving business problems.

Workforce informs, inspires and unites these HR leaders. As a tool for decision making and action, Workforce advances HR's impact on the bottom line by addressing real-world issues and providing real-world solutions.

To find out more about how this new breed of HR decision makers uses the magazine, Workforce surveyed a random sample of subscribers.

Key findings about the new breed of HR decision makers who read Workforce:

  • The new breed of HR decision makers is NOT satisfied with the status quo and regularly initiates new programs or strategies.
  • Their most valued source of information - right after networking - comes from magazines, particularly Workforce magazine.
  • In fact, the new breed of HR decision makers spends an average of 1 hour and 9 minutes reading each issue - and they have been reading Workforce for an average of 3.2 years.
  • These decision makers are experienced (11.7 years) and educated (76% have taken college-level HR courses). And they subscribe to Workforce to keep up with the early warning signals for potential HR problems, to find the HR news behind the headlines, and stay abreast of the trends that keep the new breed at the top of the HR profession.

How the new breed of HR decision maker uses the information in Workforce:

  • 21% of Workforce subscribers developed or changed an HR/personnel policy or program in the last 12 months.
  • 88% shared information from Workforce with others, including the CEO.
  • 48% requested more information about an item in Workforce, including advertisements.

The new breed of HR decision makers is not a demographic category. And they are not the rank-and-file HR administrators. The new breed of HR decision makers represent a mind set. They are a growing group of HR professionals who are using real HR management practices to have a real impact on their businesses.

Reach these key players in HR management - put Workforce on your advertising schedule.

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