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Y2K Policy Outline

If a customer or vendor asks if you are Y2K compliant, do you have anything to fax them?

September 1, 1999
Related Topics: Technology and the Law, Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS/HRIS)
What do you say if a customer, an employee or a vendor calls you in a few weeks and asks you if you're Y2K compliant?

Well, it depends on whether you are or not. But here's something to start with when crafting a statement. Copy, paste, and modify the document to fit your individual situation and state of readiness (or lack or readiness).


"Real Impact Inc. has given top priority to preparing for the Year 2000-long before the Year 2000. We conducted our first assessment of the Year 2000 computer problem in 1996.

We found out then that we need to replace some of our systems, and renovate some others. We've done so. Since then, we've had an outside consultant come in and take a look at whether everything was in order. This consultant verified that we've done everything that we know needs to be done in order to prepare for the new year.

We've also contacted each of our vendors and others, including our payroll administrator, our pension plans, our health plans, and others, to stress to them the importance of Year 2000 compliance. We're confident that our vendors, partners and others have applied-and are still applying-the same diligence to this process as we have.

We're planning on a smooth transition into the new millennium. Please call us at 800/555-XXXX if you have any questions about our efforts, or e-mail

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