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Please, do not send any legal questions. These include any questions about who is exempt from overtime, as well as about providing sick days, vacation days, and any and all matters that have anything to do with the law. You'll want to address those at the Workforce online Legal Insight section, which includes hundreds of articles as well as a Legal Forum to ask attorneys your questions. Or, contact the Labor Department.

Please submit questions only if you are an HR professional, or in a related field (benefits, compensation, training, recruiting). Please do not send questions if you are an employee upset about your boss or management. Workforce is dedicated to providing HR professionals with the HR trends and tools to achieve business results.

Your question and answer may be published in the Dear Workforce newsletter, on the Dear Workforce section of the site, and in Workforce magazine. Your title, industry, and location will appear along with your question. Your name and company will not be made public.