Alexis Carpello

Ceridian: Optimas Gold Winner for Innovation

Onboarding tactics that help employees get to work faster and more efficiently lead to effective time management for workplaces.

HR software company Ceridian takes pride in working for people and looking to them as assets and not costs. Specializing in onboarding and transboarding (moving from one department to another), Ceridian’s innovative Dayforce Onboarding initiative increased employee engagement by giving new workers a detailed understanding of the organization on their first day and easily transferring employee information through HR processes…

Intel Corp: Optimas Silver Winner for Innovation

Embracing the "freelance nation" can create benefits for organizations' employees.

  “Ohana” is what Intel Corp. calls its employees. The word means “family” in Hawaiian, and in creating the “freelance nation,” it also created a family-style culture that has reaped benefits for its network of employees. The program was designed to help internal employees find employment elsewhere that needed their specific skillset. Building off the gig economy model, Intel gave its…

Ottawa Medicine: Optimas Gold Winner for Managing Change

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario passed an amendment stating that employers are obligated to assess the risks of violence in the workplace.

In Ontario, Canada, aggressive behavior in the workplace is becoming a serious concern. The Legislative Assembly of Ontario recently passed an amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act stating that employers are obligated to assess the risks of violence and harassment in the workplace as often as possible to protect workers.   The University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine, which…

Office of Information and Technology at the Department of Veterans Affairs: Optimas Silver Winner for Managing Change

The Department of Veterans Affairs' Office of Information works to create the best experiences for veterans through the delivery of technology.

The Office of Information and Technology at the Department of Veterans Affairs’ goal is to create the best experience for all military veterans by providing unified veteran experiences through the delivery of new and innovative technology.   To achieve its goals, the department’s chief learning office was tasked with creating new learning solutions. The firm’s work resulted in adding project…

Baylor College of Medicine: Optimas Gold Winner for Partnership

Having a healthy lifestyle will benefit an employee in and out of the workplace, Baylor College of Medicine helps their employees learn a healthy lifestyle.

Most businesses agree that employee wellness in the workplace is vital to help prevent lack of productivity and performance. Maintaining and learning how to have a healthy lifestyle isn’t only a personal achievement, but it creates a better work environment for an employee. Baylor College of Medicine launched a five-year strategic plan that created a wellness program called BCM BeWell….

Makespace: Optimas Silver Winner for Partnership

Startup businesses have the desire to grow into a larger company but don't always have the tools to successfully get there.

Startups have shown the ability to grow into successful organizations seemingly overnight, even as they face the myriad challenges that come with scaling a new business. Makespace, a storage and pickup company, started with four drivers, an excel spreadsheet and paper punch cards in New York City and quickly grew to 180 drivers in four cities across the country. Because of its…

SDI Gas LLC: Optimas Gold Winner for Recruiting

Reaching potential hires isn't always the easiest but SDI Gas LLC succeeded when it came to recruiting new employees.

When hoping to grow the company’s workforce, SDI Gas LLC faced a unique challenge: Americans not seeking operations work. The company set out to share the benefits of working in construction. Roundtable discussions with longtime employees and new hires helped the human resources team to develop a talent attraction strategy without the help of outside consultants. They dubbed the initiative…

Rochester Regional Health: Optimas Silver Winner for Recruiting

Rochester Regional Health partnered with Singola Consulting to expand their recruitment strategy and improve pre-employment screening and tests.

There are a lot of appointments to schedule at Rochester Regional Health, which encompasses five hospitals and more than 150 patient care sites. Turnover among those who schedule appointments was around 34.5 percent in 2014, costing around half a million dollars in recruiting and lost productivity. Recruiting quality hires who would succeed in the role was crucial to the health…

AT&T Inc.: Optimas Gold Winner for Training

AT&T invested about $250 million and 20 million hours in training their 265,000 employees.

Back in 2011, telecommunications conglomerate AT&T realized its employees lacked the skills needed to run a growing software infrastructure. As tech talent is limited and competition is aggressive, AT&T determined it needed to retrain its 265,000 employees. Fast-forward to 2016. CEO Randall Stephenson appointed the company’s first chief learning officer, John Palmer, and invested about $250 million and 20 million…

Choptank Transport Inc.: Optimas Silver Winner for Training

Updated training programs will help create a better work environment and provides employees with better understanding of their jobs.

While shipping and transport company Choptank Transport Inc. had a training program in place for many years, company leaders found it was outsourced and tailored to the industry instead of its particular business. In an effort to create a more customized training program, Choptank created a two-week classroom training structure for new employees in addition to its seven-week onboarding program….