Max Mihelich

All In Favor of Improving Maternity Leave Policies?

At a time when businesses are expecting more from their employees than ever before, I feel a little reciprocity is in order. Companies could simply go beyond the pregnancy discrimination laws and FMLA leave policies and give their employees longer and compensated maternity leave.

Rolling Out Dough May Motivate Employees to Drop Pounds, Study Shows

By providing financial incentives, employers may be able to motivate employees to stick with weight-loss programs, according to a recent Mayo Clinic study. Twice as many individuals were able to achieve a total weight-loss goal when offered a monetary reward than individuals who were offered nothing, according to the study.

Introverts Are People Too

Ed Frauenheim is on assignment.In the December issue of The Atlantic there's an article called "Perks and Recreation" that deals with how companies have begun to adopt certain employee engagement tactics from huge Internet start-ups like Google, YouTube and Facebook.What…

What the Young Adult Coverage Provision Means to Me

Ed Frauenheim is on assignment.The risks of being uninsured traditionally hung above the proverbial head of the youngest generation entering America's workforce like the Sword of Damocles. Since the advent of health insurance, the youngest generation of workers typically has…

FMLA Can Be Used as a Warning System to Prevent Costly Absences: Survey

Employers may be able to use the Family and Medical Leave Act as an early warning system to prevent or minimize costs associated with disability absences. According to a recent report, paying attention to FMLA claims gives employers the chance to connect employees with employee assistance programs and other existing health benefits.

IRS Releases Final Rules on Health Care Reform Costs

The affordability test applies to employer-sponsored health plans. An employee is eligible to receive a federal subsidy to purchase insurance through an exchange if his or her employer's plan premium contribution exceeds 9.5 percent of his or her household income, according to IRS guidelines.

RPO Group Names New Board Members

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association announced Jan. 24 its board of directors for 2013-14. RPOA is a nonprofit organization that offers peer-support and thought-leadership for the RPO industry.