Mike Prokopeak

YourForce: Putting People Front and Center

It’s easy to slap simplistic labels on HR: strategic vs. tactical, administrative vs. innovative, reactive vs. tactical. As our 2017 Workforce 100 list attests, the best HR functions are a mix of all of the above. (See: "2017 Workforce 100:…

YourForce: Workforce's 95th Year

By Mike Prokopeak It’s hard to believe but 2017 marks Workforce’s 95th year. That’s right. HR leaders like you have been flipping through this magazine since the days of President Warren G. Harding and the Teapot Dome scandal. You don’t…

YourForce: The Optimas Edition

In a business world chock-full of data, numbers take center stage. That’s increasingly true in HR, too, where numbers take many shapes: revenue per employee, time to fill jobs and cost of attrition to name a few. Here’s another important…

The Office Space Race

Progressive companies have been rapidly redesigning the workplace, rooting out the cubicle farm and replacing them with open tables and shared work “pods.”

What If Email Got Pantsed?

Workforce talks to Scott Berkun, author and former Microsoft Corp. manager, to hear what he learned from working at the startup company and why email overload is just the tip of the iceberg.