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When Class Matters

September 9, 2013
While we continue to experiment with live interactive virtual learning for widely dispersed participants, I’ve had some thoughts about when a live class experience matters.
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10 Ethics Trends for 2010

December 29, 2009
Commentary: Private misdeeds will get leaders into public trouble, employers will use social networks for background checking, and juries in employment law cases will side more than ever with employees if they think workers have been abused. Those are just some of the workplace ethics trends to watch in 2010.
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A Behavioral Leadership Approach to Workplace Problems

April 23, 2009
Commentary: Most organizations that are concerned about increases in litigation, EEOC charges and potential union organizing activity look at each area of new or enhanced risk and devise separate strategies to address them. But they often are attacking the symptoms, not the real and very common problem: leadership misbehavior. Here is a more holistic approach to the workplace issues that keep you up at night.
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