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How Companies Fund Retiree Medical Benefits

November 1, 1993
As health-care costs continue to rise, and as retiree populations grow, companies are forced to either make revisions in their retiree health-care plans to lessen their liabilities, or eliminate the plans completely. Cost-sharing and managed care are two solutions.
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Retirees Control Their Benefits

August 1, 1993
After being left with no insurance coverage because of a bankruptcy, retirees of Uniroyal Plastics negotiated to control their own benefits. The plan enabled them to have the coverage they wanted, and saved the company substantial amounts in administrative costs.
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The Shaping of an Exercise Program

July 1, 1993
Lafayette, Indiana-based Subaru-Isuzu (SIA) has take their exercise program through lots of planning, careful implementation and many revisions so that they could minimize workplace injuries, such as strained muscles and repetitive-motion injuries. The program has expanded to include aerobics and more-intensive general exercises.
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