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Chicago Teachers Strike Could Offer a Lesson on Performance Evaluations

September 13, 2012
Performance evaluation “is a nationwide issue—and it's an issue that is not going away,” said Norm Solomon, a professor of management at Fairfield University in Connecticut. “I don't think anybody should be surprised that this issue is coming to the fore. The key thing to any evaluation system, particularly in a collective bargaining situation, is to have some buy-in by the union, a sense that this is fair."
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'Seinfeld' Wins Workforce Pop Culture Bracket Challenge

June 28, 2012
For our 90th anniversary, Workforce Management ran two bracket challenges to determine the most important topic in the workplace and in pop culture as it relates to the workforce. The contest took place on our 90th anniversary website ( The winners of the tournaments were the Internet for the Workforce Impact bracket and "Seinfeld" for the Pop Culture bracket.
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'Kelly Girl' Turns 66: An Interview With Carl Camden

February 16, 2012
As part of our 90th anniversary, Workforce Management is talking to some of the people and organizations that helped influence today's workplace. In this installment, Workforce Management contributor Richard Rothschild speaks with Kelly Services Inc. president and CEO Carl Camden. For Kelly, it all began with a secretary who couldn't work because she was too ill. Sixty-six years later, it has become a multinational job placement company that finds temporary employment for 530,000 workers annually. With 8,000 full-time employees worldwide, the Troy, Michigan-based company's iconic image remains the “Kelly Girls,” those well-dressed women who would show up for office assignments wearing white gloves. Indeed, many observers still refer to the company with the words, “Oh, you're the Kelly Girls.”
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