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SHRM at a Crossroads

February 1, 2008
The HR association has grown into a massive entity, wielding huge financial reserves, a broad membership base and considerable political power. But as its CEO steps down and the organization embarks on a review of its strategy, it remains to be seen whether SHRM can answer detractors who say it doesn’t serve the executive and senior officials who are the heart of strategic HR.
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IBM Channels Exiting Workers To Public Sector

January 30, 2008
A new program the technology giant will launch in July is designed to persuade employees and retirees to consider working for the Department of Treasury. The agency says it must fill 14,000 “mission critical” jobs during the next two years, including 7,950 at the Internal Revenue Service.
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A Tepid Reception for Annuities as 401(k) Payouts

November 13, 2007
Although employers will soon have protection against being dragged into court on charges that they didn’t select the ‘safest’ annuity available doesn’t mean that they’ll now embrace annuities as a distribution option. The problem is that too few of the 52 million people who have defined-contribution accounts want to put their retirement savings into annuities.
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