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How To Fulfill Technology's Promise

February 1, 1999
Today's HR function is shaped by an array of forces-including global competition and the need for knowledge-based systems. Better management of HR operations is essential. The right HR software can drive success throughout the enterprise.
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Whirlpool Builds a Performance-based Strategy

January 1, 1999
Whirlpool's management knew that the company needed to forge a higher level of commitment and dedication from employees, especially those working in the company's plants and factories. So it opted to institute a performance-based compensation system for employees at its Clyde, Ohio, automatic washer manufacturing plant.
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Don’t Let Dirty Data Derail You

November 1, 1998
Bad data can put a company at a competitive disadvantage. It can affect growth, undermine strategies, increase costs and lead to mistakes, such as hiring or promoting the wrong person. Human resources is one of the most vulnerable of all departments.
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